All About Sweet Beard wants you to grow a beard.

We want you to start growing said beard as soon as possible. We want you to post regular updates of you and your emerging beard's progress. Together we will grow beards; some faster, some slower than others, but united growers all. If you think you have what it takes, then join us and we'll make the world a sweeter place, one beard at a time.

Already have a beard?

Great! Post it to the Pogonotrophers section! Show off your beard, and don't forget to post different configurations if you change things up a bit. But don't stop there! If you appreciate bearding, surely you'll want to encourage others. Check out CHoP® - The Church of Pogonotrophy. Post all the wild places you've spread the word. There are prizes.

We know that beards are not for everyone

The ladies for instance might feel genetically incompatible with pogonotrophy. The Man™ may also have a stranglehold on your face. While we think growing a beard is the first step in the elimination of oppression, it may also eliminate food and shelter temporarily, so we won't judge. You can still become a CHoP or DollarBeardClub member and help spread beards over others' faces.

Not sure if a beard is right for you?

Check out our justification page for exciting reasons why now may be the best time to get your own beard started! Or try some helpful beard links on for size. You don't have to grow a beard with us, but please, grow a beard with someone.

Still have questions? Email us: contactus AT sweetbeard DOT com