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Cidofovir Gel Stops Cold Beards Otherwise Sweet

[Permalink] Mar 27, 2012, 9:00:00 PM
Look out, humanity. A marketing move reminiscent of Idiocracy has researchers on the verge of a gel that could transform a man's face into a woman's legs.

*Artist's rendering of what could happen to a beard on cidofovir

IBN brings you the details, but who needs them? Another arrow aimed at awesome beards flies forth from the covetous bow of the shaven. Why is this wondergel even framed in the context of beards? Aren't there plenty of more customary applications for hair removal products? Conspiracy, that's why! In a more perfect universe all consumers could see past this charlatanry, but let's be honest. Some of the greatest beards might be the smartest component of otherwise cognitively handicapped individuals. So let this then be a warning. For a sweet beard, stay away from cidofovir.
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Whoa there my bearded friend. There's more pogonotrophy where this came from
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