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Time to join Bristlr

[Permalink] Nov 18, 2014, 9:00:00 PM

It's time to join Bristlr. You're here, so we know you like beards and the Internet. Good odds you also enjoy silly websites dedicated to beards that started as a joke. Almost eight short years ago somebody else did that very thing.

"Pish posh and scrumdoggerydoo," you say! "That's just another beard site which could take precious moments away from consuming and contributing quality SweetBeard content!" Nay. Just as many hairs join together in united coordinated effort to form a sweet beard, so too must many software developers called John join in beard-related frivolity. A wild North Atlantic may divide our servers, but together, the state of our beards remain strong.


Whoa there my bearded friend. There's more pogonotrophy where this came from
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