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Popehat, Neckbeards, Oatmeal, and Professionalism

[Permalink] Dec 11, 2012, 8:00:00 AM
Jack Stuef

We write dumb stuff about beards. It is not a lucrative enterprise. TheOatmeal creates funny content that people like. He makes money in doing so, which is awesome. Sometimes he even helps others with that money. PopeHat creates engaging content about law. Anyone who can do that deserves at least three gold stars, a watermelon, and a stable full of unicorns. See their excellent series on TheOatmeal's BearLove campaign for example.

Ok, SweetBeard, so now you've tied a webcomic to a legal blog, but what of neckbeards?
I'm getting to that.

It turns out that some assclowns manage to attract the attention of both. Unfortunately in this case, the beard(of sorts) was not sufficient to offset the man's douchebaggery. TheOatmeal recently wrote a pleasant rebuttal to Jack Stuef's rather dubious article about him. But as it happens PopeHat has covered Stuef's shenanigans in the past, resulting in the fine image above. Hey now. Full circle.

Get to the beard tie-in. Right. It's clear that some beards are sweeter than others. While we attempt to remain impartial on the subject, recent events have forced SweetBeard to take a stand. With regret to our neckbearded fans, by action of Stuef, SweetBeard hereby declares the neckbeard to be the lamest beard of all. So Don't be a Stuef. Grow a Real Beard.

PS. We haven't forgotten about TheOatmeal Challenge. Hopefully a dishwasher singalong will come about RealSoonNow™

Whoa there my bearded friend. There's more pogonotrophy where this came from
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